Black River Caviar (Uruguay)

Name : Black River Caviar (Uruguay)

description : Our vision: To produce the best caviar in the world thanks to innovations in the selection of the best sturgeons and eggs, in a cultivation and processing that respects our natural environment, with a concern for sustainability, while producing no losses.

We produce our own fish feed, only from sustainable sources.

To be recognized as the best caviar producer in the world, with the unique singularity of having been a pioneer in the southern hemisphere.

So that the brand and its origin can be recognised as the result of the dedication and passion that characterises a family business.

“ Black River Caviar. . . Familia Alcade";.

Karat Caviar (Israel)

Name : Karat Caviar (Israel)

description : Wild sturgeons have been on the verge of extinction for years. At the Caviar Galilee farm, we work with great love and care to preserve this royal species, raising the fish in an environment as close as possible to their natural habitat, using the latest technology.

Along with a surplus of clean, running, oxygen-rich water, this allows us to maintain the highest quality products without the use of antibiotics, growth hormones, GMOs or preservatives.

As pioneers and masters in the field of sturgeon farming and caviar production, we believe in sustainable development and a humane approach to farming and production.

New methods and approaches are constantly being developed.

We take care of our customers as well as our fish, because the well-being of our sturgeon directly influences the quality of our product.

By following the farm-to-table philosophy, we can offer you the freshest, healthiest and highest quality product, which is appreciated by many suppliers, consumers and chefs around the world.

Caspian Monarque Caviar (Iran)

Name : Caspian Monarque Caviar (Iran)

description : If you've just ecnountered Caspian Monarch, then let us tell you a little bit about our history. We are one of the few privileged companies to have access to the ancient and mysterious waters of the Caspian Sea.

A true paradise for caviar lovers from all over the world. With this unique opportunity, we intended to bring a little luxury and gastronomic beauty to the world.

Our dream was to offer those who are hungry, literally and figuratively, the most angelic, sublime and tasty pieces of real Caspian caviar, as experienced throughout history.

So here is our story, we set out to bring together a team of highly skilled fishermen and caviar processors, who have been apprenticed for 10 to 15 years, to ensure that we offer our customers the best and most delicious caviar. The soul of the Caspian Sea.

Through hard work and a keen sense of detail, we have made our caviar the most resplendent, containing this magnificent alchemy of taste, flavour, aroma and texture.

Rich and robust, smooth and delicate, our beluga, sevruga and osetra contains a real magic of caviar, with a typical Caspian style.

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Caviar de France (France)

Name : Caviar de France (Aquitaine)

description : Fish breeding is preserved onsite and the Moulin de la Cassadotte continues the sturgeon and caviar adventure. Other fish farms will see the light of day in Aquitaine in the mid-1990s but the Moulin de la Cassadotte remains the cradle of farmed caviar in France.

The brand name "Caviar de Gironde"; was registered by the Mill in 1993. Caviar de France has a natural, rare and preserved site which contributes to the harmonious development of sturgeons:

- Water quality first of all: the basins are fed by a local river, the Lacanau, in an open cycle. Regular studies prove the exceptional quality of this pure and singular water, whose watershed is mainly made up of forests and few farms.

- The absence of recycling: only the first water is used, thus guaranteeing the sturgeons water with unaltered qualities. - The low density of the sturgeons then allows them to swim, develop freely and enjoy a living environment that is similar to their natural environment. The natural configuration of the site as a plateau allows the water, thanks to a natural gradient, to flow by simple gravity, generating a beneficial current for the fish.

- The quality feed, specially selected for sturgeons, is rich in protein, low in fat, and free of animal meal of land origin. - The refining of sturgeon in spring water (the mill has a borehole on site at a depth of 220 metres) at the end of the cycle in order to rid them of any possible parasitic taste.

- No artificial warming of the water that could accelerate sturgeon growth: it is only the seasons that affect the water temperature. A real work of patience: 10 years are necessary to obtain caviar in these most natural conditions

.It is all these characteristics that make the difference. Everything is designed to ensure that the sturgeons can develop in optimal conditions.

CAVR (Lettonie)

Name : CAVR (Latvia)

description : We devoted a lot of time, effort, patience and innovation to make our product what it is: farmhouse caviar with the supreme quality of wild roe, which was once the ultimate symbol of aristocratic elegance.

Since the 1800s and the high demand in the early 20th century, when it was introduced to the dominant aristocracy, the sturgeon population has suffered from overfishing and has virtually disappeared.

As a result of the boom in the industry and aquaculture, water quality in natural reservoirs has declined. The application of modern aquaculture technologies with our own innovative developments allows us to avoid dependence on fluctuations in water quality in natural reservoirs, thus ensuring the constant quality of our caviar. In order to ensure a consistent level of high egg quality, mature female fish are removed from natural water reservoirs and placed in a closed recirculation aquaculture system (SCR). Water is supplied to the system from an artesian well and treated by an innovative treatment system developed on the basis of oxygen purification technology.

As a result, without the addition of chemical substances, essentially by imitating the physical processes of nature, the oxygen structure and the softness of the water are improved in the same way as the sturgeon's natural habitat.

We apply the Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) widely recognized in advanced aquaculture industries with our own innovative oxygen-based purification system. As a result, our fish benefit from the purest and most favourable freshwater conditions during the maturation phase, as harvest time approaches, eliminating the need to use hormones, antibiotics or any chemical feed supplements, except the best feeds on the European market.

Our custom-made tanks and water treatment plants are designed to leave no harmful impact on the environment. We understand the importance of taking special care of the environment because it is the greatest legacy we will leave to future generations. In our opinion, neither the technology nor the product can be so valuable if you leave the empty dessert behind.

Our facilities and technology are environmentally friendly and we intend to maintain the ecological factor as a key element in future innovations and developments.

Admiral Husso Caviar (Belarussie)

Name : Admiral Husso (Whiterussia)

description : 2016 Admiral Husso opened a plant in Fanipol сity (Republic of Belarus) for the maintenance of sturgeons in the closed water purification system. Fish farming under such conditions is not dependent on the climate of the region and the season.

The main objective of the fish factory is the production of natural black caviar using the traditional method without further processing, with a minimum percentage of salt, as well as sturgeon delicacies (cold-smoked balyk and hot-smoked sturgeon).

The natural character and quality of the caviar produced by Admiral Husso make it one of the most expensive and sought-after products in Moscow (Russia) and the Caspian Region Astana (Kazakhstan), Yerevan (Armenia).

In Moscow we are the exclusive suppliers of black caviar for the 5-star luxury hotels The Ritz Carlton Moscow, Radisson Ukraine, and in Russian online shops our product is considered one of the most expensive in the category of sturgeon black caviar.